Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4th annual SoCNoC continues...

I've had this story in my head since November's Nanowrimo. I've mulled it over and talked about it with some friends and read a book that had some similar ideas between then and now.

Strangely enough, for such a fully formed story idea, it's been slow going. I'm at 11,597 words so far, which is a full day behind yesterday's required pace (13,333), let alone today's (15,000). Probably the slowest I've had in the first 9 days of any novel writing month, since I always tend to hover around the slightly ahead mark (last year was a little wonky, since I had a house move, but that's exceptional and only later in the month).

Oh? You want to hear about the story?

I have five, count 'em, five threads all with the same main character happening at the same time. The settings are a soldier in a war, the member of an Antarctic expedition, a monk in training, a software developer in Montreal and finally, a businessman working with a scientist. Eventually, they begin to meet each other. The question is, why are there duplicates? Who made them? What is their purpose?


Kerryn Angell said...

The idea sounds fascinating. I love stories that are all interlinked like that. I have no doubt that you'll get back on track with the word count. :)

Determinist said...

Hey Kerryn,

I have been maintaining my word pace of about 1 day behind every day. I'm sure I'll put in a 3000 word day and get back on track sometime soon.

Thanks for the encouragement for the story. I changed it a lot since I originally thought it, since I originally had the characters being copies throughout the galaxy, having adventures on different planets. And not only that, they were aware that they were copies.

I decided that it made more sense to put them closer together (they might meet) and not knowing they were copies (the mystery) was stronger.

I feel, at the moment, that there is a bit of meandering. I'm not as clear as I would like about the goals and motivations of whoever is responsible for all of it.

Talk later.