Sunday, December 24, 2006

New Year's resolutions - ha!

Hello all and Merry Christmas. I wasn't expecting to blog on Christmas day, but what the hey - I'm waiting for my family back home to skype me for a warm, fuzzy Christmas conversation.

Anyway - New Year's resolutions - I almost never make them, or if I do, it's just somewhere near New Year's, and not in the new year. This one is no exception.

When I watched the movie "The Secret", which you can find in my review blog, I learned about the law of attraction, which is a pretty good rule to know. After that, I realized that one of the things I attract is books. I have books on my mind a lot, and I really, really do love books and think about them a lot, so naturally, I attract them. If someone was ever going to ask me what super power I'd like to have, I could say, "I already have one - I attract books!", it is so true.

After watching the movie, the next day I walked into work and there was this gorgeous book sitting on my desk just waiting. "World Changing, a User's guide for the 21st Century", it had a book sleeve and everything - absolutely stunning. After that, I took notice of the books that I attract - someone hands me books on the street (Hari Krishna sure, but still - I had never seen them there before or since), every time I am at someone's house, we discuss books and I get another loaner... I just moved to New Zealand five years ago and I probably already have fifty books that I haven't read yet.

Once I realized that, I made my New Year's resolution (in November - of course), that I would finish the books that I have before I borrow or buy any more. I have failed so far, because my ability to materialize books is stronger than I thought, but I have started staying away from the library and bookstores, and now, it's only people passing me books, so I am sure I can keep up with it.

My next step, get a full inventory of the books I haven't read yet, prioritize them, and start reading through them - there are enough for a year if I read every single day, so I better get started.

If you read this and want to drop your own book related stories, or your own new year's resolutions, or better yet, your own book related new year's resolutions, please feel free.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Scott Hughes said...

It's Christmas eve, not Christmas. :)

Anyway, good luck reading in 2007!

Scott Hughes
Books & Reading Forums

Determinist said...

I'm in New Zealand - it's been Christmas for over 12 hours here! :-)

Determinist said...

I just got a copy of everything that I haven't read yet on my book shelf - this includes books AND magazines, and I have, not 50, but over 60 items! That will probably take over a year.

Well, at least I know what I'm doing for the next year. :-)

Writing Angel said...

He he he! This was my exact resolution last year! I came up with over 60. I also made a list of books I want to buy and only bought books if they were on that list and on sale. I think I've done pretty well. Probably only 10-20 fiction I haven't read now and the same non-fiction? Eep.


Determinist said...

That sounds like you've done really well. I'm just starting, and it's hard not to wander into bookstores and the library.

With me, it's only books that I've already bought - no more buying or borrowing at all until I'm done. Of course, I have broken the borrowing rule, with a book or two leaking through, but it's always highly recommended from people I trust.