Friday, June 1, 2007

First day of SoCNoC completed!

If you're been following my blog, you are aware that it's Kiwiwriters SoCNoC novel challenge time. I started at midnight and here I am 24 hours later sitting at about 3500 words (about 7% finished). I spent about 3 hours of writing total, although there was a lot of unfocused sitting around picking at my writing.

The television is such a distraction, and I write in the same room as the TV, since otherwise, it's somewhat anti-social. The mp3 player doesn't seem to help. I might have to go back to Avril Lavigne songs, since that is all I could write to during Nanowrimo last November.

On the plus side, I got some good writing food from the grocery store. While I tell myself that it is stock-piling for the month, I'm just kidding myself and it will be gone in a week. Chips and dip, tim-tams, macaroons, trail mix, juice... I think I sampled one of each today - no way, it won't last long.

I also went to the gym for the first time on my new membership which I got on trademe just the other day. With winter coming, and it's pretty nasty today, it will be nice to have a way to exercise without getting myself cold and wet. It also helps me focus with the writing, and I'll be spending lots of time at the gym throughout June.

Good luck to the rest of you kiwiwriters!


Andy Chilton said...

Haha, I did exactly the same. I bought munchies including toffees and pistachio nuts :-)

Ahh, comfort food for all the hard work we're doing. Well done on your first day, that's a corker of a start.

Determinist said...

Danke Andy. It was not quite as good as my Nano start, but not bad. I haven't had as good a day today, with only 1000 words so far on day 2 - still, it's not over yet. :-)

Maple Kiwi said...

Wow, I'm glad I don't have the same writing diet as you or I'd weigh about 200 pounds! Congrats on getting started. I'm sure once you're confident about where it's going it will come out more easily. At least you had a nice, long weekend to get the ball rolling.

Determinist said...

Hey Maple kiwi,

This is only for this month of course. I have made sure that I'm mixing in baby carrots too, and did I say that I'm watching tennis on TV? There's got to be some calorie burning bonus for watching sports for hours at a time!