Saturday, June 30, 2007

SoCNoC is over until next year

I hit 50,294 words by about 11PM on June 28th, a couple of days ahead of deadline!

This novel is about the far future in New Zealand. It's a dystopian sci-fi where different species of humans war with each other and live their difficult lives. The machines play an important role, and interact with the different species in mysterious ways that no one seems to understand.

I've enjoyed writing about the ruins of Wellington, the odd church in the wilds around Nelson, the b-mod city around Napier and the g-mod military installation in the bay of islands.

I still have a few thousand words to write to finish my story. Then, let it sit and edit it later, maybe sometime next month.

Thanks to everyone at kiwiwriters for the encouragement, and congratulations to all those other winners. It's been a great month to write a novel!

I'm looking forward to SoCNoC next year. I'm sure it will do nothing but grow each year.


Andy Chilton said...

Congratulations on winning! That is a lovely Winner's Icon :-)

You're right, it's been a great month of writing but it's also been a great half a year or so with all you guys getting the site and everything else together.

Long may it continue and bigger shall it get.

Determinist said...

Thanks Andy. I can imagine how big it will be next year... bigger base of people - will need a different interface I think.

Maple Kiwi said...

So are you still going to do NaNoWriMo, or is this going to replace it?

Violet said...

Congratulations on your win! Is this your first novel?

Is it harder to write in a fantasy setting because you have to create a whole world that works, or easier because you get to make up everything?

The more I read about other people writing, the more admiration I have for anyone who can actually write a whole novel...

Determinist said...

Maple Kiwi: in addition to - two a year I think.

Violet: Thanks. I think that you can do it - I highly recommend doing it at least once. It's a huge rush.

Truth be told about the whole setting - a lot can be left to the imagination, and I talked about ruins and whole cities without doing more description.

The danger is that it's easy to leave out too much detail. It then sounds like a high school creative writing course though. Still - it takes fewer details than you'd expect.

Determinist said...

Violet: Oh... novel #2 by the way. I did one for National Novel Writing Month last November.