Saturday, April 28, 2007

Best Cinemas in Wellington, 2007

I finally visited the SkyCity Cinemas in the WestField Queensgate in Lower Hutt. Now, I feel qualified to say what the best cinema in Wellington is.

There are a few factors that I could consider, like ease of parking, number of cinemas and so on, but really, the only thing I care about is pure cinema experience, that is, comfort and quality (sound/picture etc...). What cinema makes you feel the most like you are in the theater?

These are my picks in order:

1. Embassy theatre (great ambiance, beautiful quality everything - the only problem is that there aren't more like it.)
2. Courtney Central (big screens, top notch quality and sound, comfy seats)
3. Skycity Cinemas, Queensgate, Lower Hutt (just slightly less good than Courtney Central - parking is free, carpet is LOUD).


Writing Angel said...

I love Sky City Cinemas in Lower Hutt. Not only are they only a ten minute walk from where I live the seats are bigger and the Gold Seats are in their own cinema, compared with Reading Cinemas.

Determinist said...

When I first sat down in cinema 1, I thought that the screen was too small. Then, when the movie started, it got SO much bigger! :-)

They are good - I find them a little more expensive, but parking is easier (can't say I like the parking lot though). I'm glad that it's there - it's extra options.

If the movie I want to see is in the Embassy though - that's the only choice.