Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Got my winnings!

Lynn Viehl, paperback writer, had a contest back in march called "Last Call". I won that, as posted here. Anyway - got my goods today (actually yesterday, but only checked the mail today - mail doesn't come on Anzac day).

Got a copy of "Blade Dancer" in hardcover, signed, along with the last of her "Stardoc" bookmarks.

When given the choice of any of her novels currently in print, or an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of her latest novel, I asked for her to send her favorite novel and to say why it was her favorite. I got back exactly what I asked for, and here are some photos. I'm tickled pink over this - I think it's very cool.

Book cover and bookmark

Signatures inside and back of bookmark


andychilton said...

That's all very cool Travis. Well done.

I think because you asked for something different, you got something very personal in return. Bonus!

Determinist said...

Oh yeah! I think it's awesome. I've been telling everyone. :-) Pity more people don't read my blog - then I wouldn't have to tell everyone, people would be coming up to me and saying, "congrats on that book!" :-)

Writing Angel said...

This is SO cool! So very, very cool! Ok, total book geek alert!

Determinist said...

Haha... I knew Kerryn would like it. :)