Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Bookshelf

This is a picture of our bookshelf. It's pretty much only the books that I've acquired since arriving in New Zealand, and I've held myself back considerably. I have significantly more back in Canada.

I posted this idea a few months back on this Kiwiwriter's page as a way around typing all the titles and authors into some kind of book database, as it's much quicker and requires much less effort (i.e. the lazy way).

Here is it in all its glory - feel free to browse and ask questions. :-)

Oh - and this includes all of Una's books too - she's the massage therapist with all the anatomy books btw.


Writing Angel said...

Surprisingly easy to read the titles. It reminds me that I was going to do this, however, I don't think mine will be that clear!

Determinist said...

I realized that you can do one shelf at a time - that would be much nicer.

Once I rotated the picture and saved it with Paint Shop Pro, it ended up at about 660K, which isn't too bad - no reason not to put up lots of photos that are easy to read.

I noticed in this one that there were a few that I couldn't read. There is a "Sin City" comic there for example - middle shelf, far right, wrapped in plastic. Unreadable.